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During any given year, CAMTE's Board of Directors consists of the following elected officers: President, President-Elect or Immediate Past President, Secretary, Treasurer, and three Members-at-Large. The President serves one year as President-Elect and one year as Immediate Past President in addition to his or her 2-year term as President. The Secretary, Treasurer, and Members-at-Large all serve 3-year terms. Elected officers can serve only one term in a given office. Officer terms begin at the conclusion of the CAMTE Board meeting following an election (either early November or early December, depending on the location of the Board meeting–CMC-South or CMC-North).


President: Joi Spencer - University of San Diego

Past President: Diane Kinch - Pomona USD

President Elect

Treasurer: Terran Felter-Murphy - California State University Bakersfield

Secretary: Diana Zaragoza - UC Davis

Member-at-Large: Gretchen Muller – California Mathematics Council

Member-at-Large: Annette Kitagawa - Riverside County Office of Education

Member-at-Large: Julie McNamara - California State University, East Bay

CAMTE Officers

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