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CAMTE Conferences

CAMTE's annual business meeting is held during the California Mathematics Council (CMC)-South conference (Palm Springs) in even-numbered years and during the CMC-North conference (Asilomar) in odd-numbered years. A "CAMTE Strand" of sessions was included at CMC-South during 2004 (the conference at which CAMTE was formally established) and at CMC-North during 2005. From 2006-2010, a CAMTE Strand was part of both of these conferences. In 2011, the CAMTE Strand of sessions was included at CMC-North, and in 2012, at CMC-South. A membership meeting/reception was held at the conference that did not host the CAMTE business meeting. In 2015, CAMTE will go back to having strands at both the CMC-South and CMC-North conferences.

The titles, speaker name, times, and locations for the CAMTE Strand sessions at CMC-North and CMC-South conferences are contained in PDF files available below. (Files from CAMTE sessions at AMTE and PMET conferences are also included in the listing below.)



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