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CAMTE Committees

CAMTE has a number of committees and task forces on which members can serve. In many cases, meetings are held virtually to keep participation costs to a minimum. If you are interested in serving on a committee or task force, please e-mail the current chair.


This committee studies current issues in mathematics teacher education in the state and nation and makes policy recommendations to the Board of Directors.   2015-16 Members include the following:

Rajee Amarasinghe,  Joanne Rossi Becker, Carol Fry Bohlin (chair), Lance Burger, Mark Ellis,  Kathy Hann, James Sheldon, and Viji Sundar. CAMTE Advocacy Committee SMART Goals.docx 


The roll of this committee is to coordinate the annual CAMTE conferences that are embedded within the CMC-South and CMC-North conferences. Members include Bruce Grip (Chair), Kathy Morris and Melanie Maxwell.

  • Common Core CIrcles Committee shared with CMC-South. Committee members include Diane Kinch and Annette Kitagawa. Common Core Circles Joint CMC-S and CAMTE SMART Goal.pdf 
  • MTEP Committee - Reports on the work of CAMTE members in CSUs and districts with respect to the Mathematics Teacher Education Program. 2015-16 Members include  Brian Lawler, Margaret Kidd (chair), and David Pagni  MTEP Smart Goal.pdf 


The primary role of this committee is to keep the website updated with all current information, as well as to provide recommendations to the Board for improvement and/or needed modifications.  2015-16 members include Diane Kinch and Joi Spencer.  Others are invited to join.


This standing committee solicits candidates for Board of Director positions, prepares and confirms a slate of candidates from among the nominees for positions, and validates the results of the annual fall elections under the direction of the current CAMTE presiden. Members include Bruce Arnold and Lisa Usher-Staats (co-chiars), and Shelley Kriegler. NEC SMART Goal for 2015-2016.pdf 


This committee works to increase CAMTE membership via identifying the benefits of membership and the constituency groups that should be under the CAMTE umbrella, as well as implementing strategies that could be used to effectively recruit members. 2015-16 members include Gloria Brown Brooks, Madeline Jetter, Satinder Singh, and Justine Wong. CAMTE Membership Committee SMART Goal .pdf 

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