By: camteinfo | December 06, 2013

Terran Felter-Murphy, CSU Bakersfield, was electedas the new Treasurer of CAMTE.

Joi Spencer, University of San Diego, was elected as a newMember at Large.

Accordingto Terran, CAMTE plays an integral role in educationin California and would like CAMTE to continue to be involved in policy makingto ensure that current and future teachers of mathematics are properly preparedto educate students.  In her formerlife, she worked as an accounting clerk for an electrical contractor.  Herjob duties included tracking receipts and expenditures, maintaining bankrecords, and processing billing.  For the last three years, she has beenthe treasurer for a local Cub Scout Pack, which requires maintaining membershiprecords, receiving membership dues and donations, and maintaining bank records.


Joi’s vision for CAMTE is that it be a site for educatingand supporting mathematics teachers (and thereby students) throughout the state.  The adoption of Common Core Standardsis an opportunity for the teaching of mathematics in the state of California tomove to a higher level.  However, new standards alone will not change theopportunities and mathematics learning of students.  Exciting research on student mathematics identity andsocialization has demonstrated great promise in helping us understand how toimprove the mathematics success of African American, and Latino students. She envisions her role as bringing the work of CAMTE back to the communitiesthat she works and serves in- thereby increasing the visibility of theorganization.  She has designed andimplemented professional development across the state, serves on the editorialboard for SEEE Seminars- which brings timely topics related to mathematics andscience education to San Diego, and helped to develop and write courses forUniversity of San Diego's new Online MED program in STEAM.  

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