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Statement Delivered to the California Commission on TeacherCredentialing (31 January 2013)

On 31 January 2013, JoanneRossi Becker presented statements on behalf of CAMTE for two agenda items atthe California Commission on Teacher Credentialing meeting. The minutes from this meeting

summarize her statements:#1 (Agenda Item 3B): "Joanne Rossi Becker, California Association ofMathematics Teacher Educators, voiced reasons seen as important for requiring aspecial pedagogy course in mathematics for candidates to add a mathematicsauthorization to their existing credential. She urged the Commission to: 1)require a secondary mathematics pedagogy course to add a Single SubjectCredential in Mathematics, including the Foundational-Level   Mathematics Credential, to a MultipleSubject Credential; 2) require a secondary mathematics pedagogy course to add amathematics credential to an existing single subject credential in anothercontent area; and 3) require a secondary mathematics pedagogy course to add asubject matter authorization in mathematics to any type of credential." Atthis meeting, a motion was passed consistent with the first two of theserecommendations.   #2 (Agenda Item4F): "Joanne Rossi Becker, California Association of Mathematics TeacherEducation, submitted a written letter suggesting a specialized middle schoolmathematics credential be instituted."


Statement Delivered to the California Commission onTeacher Credentialing (14 April 2011) See Statement

CAMTE PresidentJoanne Rossi Becker delivered a statement prepared by the CAMTE AdvocacyCommittee to the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing during theCommission's 14 April 2011 meeting. The statement provided CAMTE's views regardinga Commission agenda item pertaining to the Single Subject Credential inFoundational-Level Mathematics.  


Statement Delivered to the CaliforniaCommission on Teacher Credentialing (October 2009)

Mike Lutz, CAMTEPresident and Mathematics Professor at California State University (CSU),Bakersfield represented views that have been expressed on the CAMTE e-list. Hisstatement included the following:

"[Subjectmatter] waiver programs are the preferred route [to demonstrate subject mattercompetency, not the CSET]. I do not believe the system reflects thatpreference. It might have been during the January meeting that CommissionerPearson commented something like, 'That's what you get when you send a test todo the work of a curriculum. 'From that, I don't sense disagreement among theCommissioners in what I am saying. So a process needs to be developed in whichthe preferred pathways are also ones that are encouraged. That is, we need aprocess that encourages rather than discourages the existence of subject matterwaiver programs, and encourages prospective teachers to take that route. Weneed to get this turned around, and approving 2E is a very goodbeginning."

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