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If you are involved in the professional development, training, or coaching of preservice  or inservice education of K-12 mathematics teachers, you are encouraged to join and become an active member of CAMTE. See why!

Attend a joint CAMTE & TODOS  Meet and Greet at the Riverside County Office of Education in Indio on  Poly Pomona on Monday, October 19, 2015. The address is 47-110 Calhoun Street.  Check out our flyer:              2015 Oct CAMTE TODOS Indio RCOE.pdf     





  • CAMTE Member Gloria Brown Brooks is running for NCTM!  Be sure to vote.
  • CAMTE events at CMC!                                   CAMTE will have a strand at both South & North N    
  • CMC-S Strand includes the following sessions, all of Friday and all in the Cactus Room at the Rennaisance:                                                             8:30: Bob Stein- Saving the Common Core                10:30: Babette Benken - Navigating CC  Math,  Suggestions for Alignment to Higher Ed.                      1:30: Cathy Carroll - Learning from Research: Using Worked Examples in Math Class                           3:30: Carol Fry Bohlin, Joann Rossi Becker, Mark Ellis & Kathy Hann - Pathways to Teaching Middle School Mathematics - Models and Issues
  • CAMTE Members Speaking at CMC-S.pdf 
  • CAMTE will also host a Breakfast at CMC-S, see  flyer for more info! FLyer for CAMTE breakfast.pdf 
  • CAMTE will have a table at the CMC-S Affiliate Luncheon.  If you have bought a ticket, look for the table with Carol Fry Bohlin & our logo!
  • CMC-N will host a strand on Saturday, all in the same room, and ending with our Business Meeting. The following sessions are included:                                   Cathy Caroll-    Learning from Research: Using Worked Examples in Math Class                                  Megan Taylor - Enacting the Gold Standard in Teacher Education                                                        Jonathan Dweck - Building a Math Program Strong in Concept and Understanding                                    Carol Fry Bohlin, Joann Rossi Becker & Mark Ellis - Preparing Middle School Mathematics Teachers - Issues and Models                                      Diane Kinch - Camte Business Meeting. 
  • CAMTE Members Speaking at CMC-N (1).pdf 

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